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We own two IP's cause were cool.



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helpful staff, high stakes, great players

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Anarchy Survival

PVP, griefing, and stealing is fair game

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Minimal Plugins

plugins are mainly for server maintenance and identifying hacks

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approved clients: vanilla and optifine are the only clients allowed


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Participate in build contests, treasure hunts and more for small prizes



Ranks are solely based on hours played

A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door. A server stored away in the frozen tundra of Montreal, Canada provides a place where players can venture into the dangers an anarchy survival server offers.

Since our humble beginnings as a single vanilla gameplay map, we have added a lobby where players can hang out, a pvp arena area where you can battle without consequence, and a hardcore map that resets monthly.

This server is intended for players looking for a vanilla survival server with no limitations except no hacking. Our nether roof is accessible for vanilla travel throughout the map.